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Market Update 3/13/2024

Logistics industry market trends you need to know.




  • Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach experienced significant year-over-year increases in cargo volumes in January 2024, driven by Lunar New Year demand spikes and concerns over Red Sea geopolitical tensions. This underscores the critical role of West Coast ports in adapting to global trade dynamics.
  • Georgia Ports Authority (Port of Savannah) reported two consecutive months of growth at the start of 2024, with a notable 14% year-over-year increase in February 2024. This growth, supported by increased rail moves, highlights the port’s expanding role in facilitating key exports and imports.
  • Port of Virginia saw a notable turnaround with a 10% year-over-year increase in February 2024, after a dip in January, reflecting efforts to accommodate larger ships and its strategic importance on the East Coast.
  • Port Houston set a record for January 2024, with a 4% year-over-year increase, emphasizing its growing importance in the Gulf Coast region, driven by strong imports from China ahead of the Lunar New Year.
  • Port operations face challenges such as environmental mandates and the need for infrastructure improvements.
    • Technological integration and strategic planning are critical in enhancing efficiency and mitigating congestion.
      • These efforts align with broader market trends, suggesting that strategic adaptations to economic signals and technological advancements will drive significant changes in port activity and maritime freight operations.


  • Spot Rate Trends:
    • Rates showing signs of stabilization and expected gradual increases into Q2 2024.
      • This trend is reminiscent of the recovery phases observed in past cycles, particularly mirroring the dynamics of 2018 and 2019. Economic uncertainties and shifts in consumer demand continue to play a significant role in shaping the rate landscape across all segments.
  • Seasonal produce shipments in early spring may contribute to a gradual increase in rates.
    • Though the season has begun relatively slow. States “In Season” CA (leafy greens, in March broccoli, cauliflower, strawberries peak in April), FL (Citrus peak in March, Strawberries started and peak in April), TX Citrus, AZ (leafy greens), and GA (Onions in April)
  • Capacity:
    • The market is experiencing a transformation rather than a contraction in capacity.
    • Technological innovations and strategic workforce management are pivotal in addressing current capacity challenges. Large carriers absorbing excess drivers and the integration of AI and robotics for operational efficiency indicate a shift towards a more technologically advanced and efficient freight market.
      • This evolution suggests that capacity issues may not lead to an immediate correction in rates but rather to a gradual adaptation of the market to new dynamics


  • International Roadcheck Week (May 14th-16th)
    • More information to come regarding safety checks


  • Easter (March 31)
  • End of Ramadan (April 8)


Central Colorado and Four Corners Region: Heavy Snow

  • Timing: Wednesday night into Friday.
  • Impact: A long-duration snow event is forecasted, with the heaviest snow expected across the Front Range of Colorado, including areas like Boulder and Denver. Snowfall may exceed a few feet in some areas, with 1-2 inches per hour rates possible, leading to hazardous travel conditions.

Midwest to Southern Plains: Strong to Severe Thunderstorms

  • Timing: From this evening into Thursday.
  • Impact: The risk of strong to severe thunderstorms brings the potential for damaging winds, hail, and possible tornadoes. This severe weather threat extends to the Mid-South from Thursday evening into early Friday.

Southern Plains to Mid-South: Excessive Rainfall and Severe Weather Threat

  • Timing: Thursday evening into early Friday.
  • Impact: Enhanced rainfall and severe weather, including the potential for flash flooding and severe thunderstorms, could impact areas from Arkansas and neighboring areas, shifting towards Tennessee by Friday morning.

Eastern U.S.: Very Warm and Pleasant Weather




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