You need a shipper who is committed to delivering safely, on-time, and one who looks out for your best interest. At BM2, we work relentlessly to always find a way, no matter the obstacle, timing, or need – leaving no room for error or oversight. You and your business can rely heavily on us to deliver every day.

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We know there’s one crucial element in our industry that surpasses on-time delivery and consistent rates: the relationship between a broker and carrier. We can’t do our jobs without you, which is why we work to always understand your needs and have solutions ready. You deserve a broker you can count on.

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Our people are the gears that keep us turning. Every person, at every level, is heard, valued and integral to our growth. This is one of the core reasons why BM2 was founded: to create an organization rooted in transparency, accountability and intention to create a positive company culture.

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“Very easy to work with. Always available to answer any questions no matter the time and fix or work to solve any issues that may occur”

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