Have a complex shipment? Easy.

BM2 Freight specializes in moving the kind of freight that many companies shy away from – freight that requires extra care in transport, or additional work prior to, or after, shipment. Our expertise comes from experience in working with freight forwarders, hazmat and chemical freight, retail and consumer goods, and food transportation. When you work with us, you know exactly what to expect on every shipment, every load and every mile, every time; because at BM2, there is simply no other way to operate

Food Transport

We have developed this expertise by committing to food education, customizing our technology and prioritizing customer service. BM2 Freight has been transporting food for over a decade. We work with Fortune 500 restaurants, grocery stores, and producers. With food safety as an integral part of our corporate culture, we become an extension of the supply chain. We have developed this expertise by committing to food education, customizing our technology and prioritizing customer service.

Hazmat / Chemicals

BM2 Freight has the knowledge and experience to move your hazardous materials and chemicals quickly and safely. We have the finest carrier network around, and a 32-point system to assure the freight is handled properly. BM2 Freight fosters a culture of safety. Our Safety and Compliance Manager monitors the protocols so that all hazardous materials move without incident.

Freight Forwarder Domestic Shipping

With so much potential for something to go wrong, the last thing a freight forwarder needs is a struggle with domestic transportation. BM2 Freight can eliminate that concern. Because planes and boats don’t wait, you need a transportation provider who understands the business and works with you to provide exceptional, on-time deliveries. We want to earn your business, so we have learned your business. That is why BM2 Freight is a leader in servicing freight forwarders.

Drop Trailer Solutions

Drop trailer shipping is the most effective way to reach full efficiency, but it requires a lot of collaboration between shippers and carriers. That’s where we come in. At BM2, we believe in delivering a truly stress-free solution to your supply chain management needs. Making everyone’s job easier, is what our job is. Our Drop Trailer Solutions allow for more efficient pickups and drop offs for shippers and carriers alike – and we’ll handle the logistics until your product is delivered from point A to point B.

BM2 Freight have been a great partner since we started working with them. The staff are incredibly responsive and they make things happen, often under immense time pressure. They have a can-do attitude and took the time to understand our business needs. This has created a level of comfort that has been lacking in previous suppliers we have used.

Rating: 5 stars out of 5

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