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Market Update 12/29/2023




  • Port Recovery not expected until 2025.
  • Previously, the west coast was yielding more tonnage to the east, we are now seeing it return to the west.


  • We’re seeing a notable reduction in market capacity, driven by factors like bankruptcies, holiday periods, and operators sidelining their trucks.
    • This, coupled with declining load volumes and increasing rejections, is setting the stage for a distinctive trend.
  • First week of Q1: Expect a surge in rates.
    • This is a direct consequence of the tightened capacity and the current market’s response mechanisms.
  • After first week of Q1: Anticipate a shift as truck capacity re-enters the market.
    • This change, along with a rebound in load volumes, will lead to a decrease in rates, eventually stabilizing after an initial fluctuation in January.



  • New Years (Monday, January 1)
  • Chinese New Year (Saturday, February 10)
  • Ramadan begins (Sunday, March 10th)


North American map highlighted with different colors to reflect weather events

Northern and Central Plains

Current Situation: Winter weather warnings and advisories related to the recent blizzard have been discontinued.

Forecast: The upper-level circulation associated with the storm will gradually diminish. Mixed rain and light snow are expected to taper off by the afternoon.


Forecast: Wrap-around moisture from the Great Lakes will bring mixed rain and wet snow today, with only minor snow accumulations due to temperatures being just above freezing.

Northern Mid-Atlantic to Southern New England

Weather Event: A strengthening coastal low is causing moderate to heavy rain.

Impacts: Potential for excessive runoff and flooding, minor coastal flooding expected in the New York City metro area due to high tides.

Movement: The heavy rain will move across southeastern New England by the afternoon, with the possibility of moderate rain rotating back towards the southeast New England coast later.

Northeast and Maine

Forecast: On-and-off rain showers will linger, potentially changing to light wet snow over Maine on Friday. Light wet snow will also continue along the Appalachians.


Forecast: A round of rain is expected to pass through southern Florida, influenced by a subtropical jet stream and a low-pressure wave.

West Coast

Weather Systems: A couple of large Pacific cyclones.

Forecast: These will produce unsettled weather, with rain and high-elevation snow over the Pacific Northwest and California. Dry conditions are expected for much of the rest of the western U.S., with mixed precipitation reaching the Great Basin by Saturday morning.

Temperature Trends

  • Northern Tier and Western U.S: Milder than normal temperatures
  • Southern Tier to Southeastern U.S: Cooler than normal conditions will shift across these regions.
  • Notable: Mild overnight temperatures from the northern Plains to the Northeast are expected to be more than 20 degrees above normal, likely setting records for warm minimum temperatures, especially this morning.

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