Mexico/U.S. Border Under Threat Of Being Closed

Mexico/U.S. Border Situation

Last week, President Trump upped the ante at the U.S./Mexico border by threatening to close it indefinitely this week should Mexico not fix the “illegal immigration coming into the U.S.”  However, the threats were dialed back on Tuesday, April 2nd as reports from the president came in that Mexico is increasing their efforts for border security according to CBS News.

Furthermore, the U.S. does approximately $600 billion in trade with Mexico every year, and the 2 economies are so far intertwined that shutting down the border could have a devastating impact on the U.S. economy.  A recent statement from White House economic adviser, Larry Kudlow stated that the administration is working on ways to keep truck lanes open.

Approximately 80% of veggies and 40% of fruits imported to the U.S. come from Mexico.  Additionally, it is estimated that the U.S. supply of avocados would be gone in 3 weeks should the border shutdown indefinitely.  According to the Center for Automotive Research, a total border shutdown could halt automotive production within a week and impact at least 1 million jobs.

Border Gridlocks

The transfer of U.S. border agents to immigration duties has affected several border crossings as well.  Drivers have reported facing up to 12 hours of wait time to cross the border.  Of the lanes being affected by the transfer of border agents, one of the most notable is the crossing from Ciudad Juarez to El Paso, Texas.  In addition, the Otay Mesa commercial facility has also been affected by the redistribution of border agents resulting in 8 out of the 10 truck lanes open for the inspection and processing of imports.  Another port of entry affected is the Nuevo Laredo crossing that announced they will now be closing at 11:00PM daily.

Additionally, an estimated 2,000 CBP officers are in the process of being temporarily re-assigned to immigration services from the Canada/U.S. border.  This is likely to affect inbound and outbound shipment times on cross-border freight at some northern U.S. ports of entry.  Overall, the gridlock of freight is causing a large shortage of drivers which is likely to cause and upward trend in shipment prices for cross-border lanes.

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Additional border wait times as of 4/8/19 9:30AM EST:

  • Brownsville – Veterans International : no delay, 1 lane open
  • Del Rio : no delay, 1 lane open
  • Laredo – World Trade Bridge : 45 minutes,  6 lanes open
  • Nogales – Mariposa : lanes closed
  • El Paso – BOTA : no delay, 1 lane open

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