3 Ways To Keep Your Supply Chain Efficient This Winter

Winter Is Coming

The shipping industry has many changing factors and moving parts, weather being one of the more influential… but you already know that. So, let’s talk about three ways your supply chain might be affected by the colder months ahead. They are:

  • Lanes
  • Spot market
  • Regional capacity

Each of the above supply chain aspects work in tandem with one another. Lanes in northern regions of the U.S. are obviously affected by winter weather, causing traffic accidents and transit delays. Therefore, the spot market rates are expected to increase as capacity for trucks tighten.

Getting Ahead of the Weather

Just like the weather, it’s important to forecast your supply chain during the winter months. By following this mentality, we are now able to identify solutions to increasing capacity in lanes and finding cheaper spot market rates.

The key solution is focusing on lead times and strategically partnering with dedicated carriers before the winter weather hits. Even though another effect of winter weather is tighter lead times, it’s imperative to plan your supply chain as far in advance as possible. Planning ahead ensures your shipments are taken care of in a timely manner.

Quality Over Cost… Mostly

Yes, it is true—to an extent—that you want to partner with carriers based on their quality. However, when you are forced to steer away from regular lanes and partnerships in the winter months, it is important to vet carriers on both quality and cost. Even more importantly is to partner with the right carriers that provide the maximum amount of lead time possible, while spending the least amount of money.

Are you struggling to optimize your lanes, the spot market, and regional capacity? DON’T WORRY! This is a common, yet complicated, issue to solve. That is why we, at BM2 Freight Services, exist. Call and speak with one of our supply chain experts to strategically optimize your supply chain this winter.

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