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What to Expect Ahead of DOT Week 2023

The Department of Transportation has just announced its focus for International Roadcheck Week 2023.

ABS systems and cargo securement will be the primary targets for the event taking place May 16-18.

Drivers across the US, Canada, and Mexico can expect to be inspected at weigh stations and other designated inspection areas along major roadways.

How can I prepare? 

​​​​​​Drivers and shippers can prepare by:

  • Inspecting vehicles for equipment violations beforehand
  • Following service hours guidelines
  • Planning ahead for delays 
  • Adhering to federal, and state, traffic laws
  • Being patient with inspectors
  • Keeping your team informed​​​​​​

How are we prepared? 

Our freight brokerage teams are in the office 24/7 to support our carrier partners and our customers.
By planning for delays, finding alternative routes, remaining calm, and communicating frequently and efficiently, we are staying ahead of the curve to keep supply chains, and shipping services, across the US, Canada, and Mexico running.

Here’s a short video recap of all the important details to share with your team.

If you are in need of assistance with shipping, reach out to us:

📲 (800) 319-1115


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