Navigating Tight Truckload Markets

There is no secret sauce to get the most from a tight truckload market, but there are best in class practices to make the best of this truckload market.

As we hypothesize, when the market will balance out, we, unfortunately, can’t avoid the present. By sharing my point of view, I hope that you can take away something to start an approach for change with your own experience.

It all starts with partnerships or, more importantly, having both parties vested in the same goals. Therein lies the truth of it all, how do we approach a potential or existing partnership in this market?  Or rather, how do we change with the market to continue to meet the demands of our business? The initial response in the second half of last year was to throw money at the problem. While that works in the short term, we all know that is not a sustainable solution.   We have all had to adapt to continue to operate at some level.  Getting started through good discovery and shared information, I have found common ground with each past, present, and the future client to lay the foundation for a good partnership or continue to support them.

What do you mean by a foundation? A clearly outlined objective for your truckload partners.  I can say from experience that things don’t go well if these are not understood and communicated upfront.   Keep in mind; we are working towards your ideal outcomes here: Price & Service.  If you have shared your objectives clearly and are not getting results, I would question the partnership.

Here are some other considerations for a strong foundation:

  • Collaboration – What are your pain points?  Spend time with experts (like the ones at BM2 Freight) who have another viewpoint that could lead to the results you are looking for.   (This is My Expertise: using a Supply Chain education and 20 plus years of Transportation experience to architect sustainable truckload solutions).
  • Visibility and Flexibility – Knowing when and where agility exists in the marketplace can lead to positive results.
  • Leverage People, Process & Technology – Partner with 3rd party organizations to enhance your network.

Reach out to me today to start a solution design process and build a foundation for a successful Partnership for your Truckload needs.

CONTACT:  John Graham, (773) 575-1586,

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