BM2 Freight Still Connecting Great Shippers With Great Carriers Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

Common sense decisions to benefit safety and supply chain management for all


Covington, KY: BM2 Freight Services, Inc. is continuing to provide strategic transportation solutions for customers, carriers, and drivers during and after the COVID-19 outbreak.

“No matter what, the supply chain doesn’t stop, and neither can we.” says BM2 Freight ownership. “Our mission during this outbreak is to rely on our people, technology, and processes to see us through hard times like it has in the past.”

As such, BM2 Freight Services, Inc. plans to push through the hardships of the current COVID-19 pandemic by providing employees, customers, carriers, and drivers with the following:

Cloud-based technology that allows remote correspondence, file storage and transmission, TMS capabilities, and call-routing from virtually anywhere
24/7 in- and out-of-office support while we follow safety guidelines mandated by federal and state governments
Sound, adaptable decision making with a proactive approach to customer and carrier needs in order to help alleviate increased stress regarding supply chain solutions

“Trucking is one of the biggest industries in the world. We plan to do our part by helping our carriers and drivers find lanes and move product that will keep our customers’ supply chains functional and moving during these trying times.” says BM2 Freight ownership.

All carrier and customer services can be found on the BM2 website by clicking here.

About BM2 Freight: Family-owned and operated since 2008, BM2 Freight is headquartered in Covington, KY, and is dedicated to providing strategic transportation solutions to customers throughout North America by connecting them with a network of reliable carriers. Service. Communication. Integrity. It’s that simple.

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