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Tips to Start Your New Life Post-Graduation

How to Find Jobs for Recent College Grads

Every spring, professionals around the world gear up for the next wave of fresh talent coming to town: recent college graduates.  Most graduates have limited experience in their selected industry, very little (if any) quantifiable experience, and have only a general idea as to what they have signed on to do in their full-time role.  Even so, business especially thrives at the prospect of having these individuals in office.  Recent graduates, rather than under-estimating your abilities, squeeze the most out of them and use the following traits to your advantage moving forward:

1. The Basics

Whether you believe it or not, you had the smarts, cunning, and problem-solving abilities to make it through college.  Personally, I never felt like I would graduate. Majors aside, having the ability to persevere, stay motivated, and keep on counting are not qualities that should be taken lightly.

2. Free (er) Schedule

So your manager needs you to stay an extra hour to wrap up duties for the day.  So what!  Time to work out, hang out with friends, and watch Netflix can wait.  Whether it’s picking up the kids, taking care of an elderly parent, or simply letting out the dog, most adults later in their careers do not have the kind of flexibility to drop everything when work demands.  Now is your time to willingly accept that responsibility and run with it!

3. Vibrant Energy

In a more sales-oriented industry like third party logistics, men and women know from the start they are building their own book and making a name for themselves.  More seasoned professionals have their book built and drive business from current and referred clients while new hires hunt for their book.  If you have the drive to grow your own client list and see your efforts pay off, capitalize on that tenacious energy.

4. Learning Mindset

You have no “professional” experience? Perfect.  If a recruiter does not value a student working part-time as a server or bar tender to help pay your way through college, run away and never look back.  Hand in hand with attending college this fast-paced, high demand, type of work should be seen at face value: instilling the importance of coach-ability, relatability with a wide range of people, and delivering the best overall experience at all times.

5. Remember, You Can Only Go Up from Here!

Majors aside, recent grads have an innate ability to embrace the challenges placed in front of them.  After sacrificing countless hours of sleep, weeks of social interaction, most likely drinking way too much caffeine, graduates have come too far to limit themselves now.  With shiny, new degrees in hand, appreciate the qualities you possess and play it to your advantage! Work the longer hours, utilize the resources all around, and grow.  This is how you earn your worth.

This is how you embrace being a young professional.

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